Lineage II Skyrim Rules,
GNU General Public License
Our server is based on L2J, which has a license for public. We have no connection with the product called Lineage II ™. We only use on our computers a server in Java ™ to emulate a game environment.

  • It's forbidden to provoke, insult, threaten, etc. any user, also is forbidden the use of bad words in public messages. Critics and reclamations about other players behaviour must be avoided! If you want to report someone use the forum or send an e-mail to the L2 Skyrim staff. It's COMPLETELY FORBIDDEN insulting a player for donating, if the server is running smoothly it's 90% because of them, we do not give special items or bonuses for $ just items that are obtainable in game, through teamwork and farming.
  • You are responsible for your own safety inside and outside the game. Never give information about your account to other people, including the Admins and GMs. Be assured that the machine you use to play in our server is virus free, otherwise other people can steal your account info. If you lent your account to a friend and your items disappeared you won't be recieving them back from us.
  • NEVER give your account info to someone else. The account is yours only! If you lend your account to a another person and this person uses it to break the rules, the problem is yours, we will punish also.
  • The Client of the game is available in our site for download. It's forbidden to use any third party software to interact with the game or improve gameplay. That includes (some examples) BOTs, CHEAT software, HACK tools, Keyloggers and any kind of software that can give benefits.
  • It's forbidden to scam other players saying that you are a particular player or an Admin / GM. The official list of Admins / GMs can be found in our main site. Scamming is FORBIDDEN. Cheat on another players in situations of false expectations, bluffs, frauds or any other act with the objective of steal items or accounts is completely forbidden and can result in ban.
  • NEVER insult a member of the Administration. They are here to help, to give to players a server where they can have fun. The members of the Administration have the power to jail, to ban and sometimes to simply alert a player via petiton system. Public offenses will result in BAN. Try avoid losing your account.
  • Do not ask for teleport, items, armors, weapons, etc. to an Admin / GM. The abuse of this kind of attitude will result in jail and in some cases even a ban. The Admin won't give stolen / lost items back, please do not insist.
  • Do not insult the server, it's your virtual family. Here you have fun with friends (and sometimes with enemies), play and talk with other people and spend several hours. If you are having lag problems remember: it can be YOUR internet connection. If the server go down in some moment, be patient and wait until an Admin restores the server. Remember that we are here to play and have fun. So let's respect this virtual home.
  • It's forbidden to trade game accounts for items or real life money.
  • It's forbidden to trade in-game items for real life money. If an admin finds any kind of negotiation with real money, they will ban everyone involved. If you think that someone is breaking the rules, REPORT!
  • Take advantage of any kind of BUG in-game is FORBIDDEN, we will ban everyone that do this kind of thing without previous warning. If you find a bug, please report on the forum or to the staff.
  • It's forbidden to mess with any kind of event (sieges, tvt, survival, dm, etc.). It doesn't matter if the event is being held by the server, the administration or common players, do not try to mess with events.
  • It's forbidden clan leaders change the time of the castle sieges.
  • Any clan can participate in any castle siege SINCE they have one clan in their ally registered to attack or to defend. If a clan that doesn't meet these requisites is participating in a castle siege, the leader of the clan will be punished with 2000 minutes of jail and each member participating will be punished by 1000 minutes of jail. If the player punished do it again, then he will be punished with ban. Clans that are registered to attack must attack and clans registered to defend must defend.
  • It's forbidden to do dualbox in events (TvT, CTF, DM, Survival, etc.) and in olympiads. In some cases we will ban you without warning.
  • AFK, Away in Olympiads = 2000 minutes of JAIL.
  • It's COMPLETELY FORBIDDEN leech points in Olympiads. We will ban any case of leech points.
  • It's forbidden to announce other servers or other services, be it linked with the game or not.
  • It's forbidden to create charcters with the objective of gaining benefits related to clans.
  • It's forbidden the use of Wyvern during events like TvT, CTF, DM, Survival and in towns.
  • The server have the autorithy to ban and delete accounts at any moment. It also have the rights to go offline without previous warning.
  • The server and members of Administration have the right of adding or removing rules at any second.
  • The L2 Skyrim Team provides to the players support via e-mail, site and forum, Facebook. If you want to talk with the administration, use the Contact link located at the bottom of our website.
  • In case of jail or ban, the punished player have 3 days to give proofs if innocent, however we never punish unless we have a motive and have checked logs, conversations etc..
  • We will NEVER give donation money back, we don't care about the reason. All donations are final and it will stay with the administration and will be spent paying for hosting, upgrades to server hardware, internet speed etc.. Remember that we do not charge anyone for our services, if you want to donate it's because you want to help the server, and keep it alive.
  • The most important rule: HAVE FUN ! & remember it's just a game ^^

Characters lvl 30 or lower that have been inactive for over 6 months will be deleted automatically.

Remember to keep an eye in the rules page. If you get punished by doing something you didn't know it was forbidden, you will remain punished.