L2Skyrim - Lineage II Private Server

    DDOS-Protected I would like to thank everyone who played and enjoyed this server. I am unable to continue my work at this time due to personal problems. (moved to new city, new job very little free time) If anyone is interested on purchasing l2skyrim server, [website hosting [3 years payed. server files + databas + source files and svn including future support/help] or would like to become parteners, i am open to ideas, and considering opening a new server low rate or high rate.

You can contact me on the e-mail above in the website header above. villy @ l2....

Thank you and i hope everyone enjoyed this server. For me it was a unique experience and i had great time with many players both in-game and outside.

~ Download NEW system folder. - (h5 client required to play) ~ <

[ To connect extract the system folder in Lineage II folder, double click l2.exe to play.(ex: C:/Lineage II/system/L2.exe)

Download l2skyrim full H5-Client [ 5.0 GB ]        Link #2 slower..
^^ Rapidshare premium link max downlod Speed!

     Click Here to register an account & Start Playing

If you have any recomendations or ideas for low rate server, feel free to e-mail me. I am open to new ideas :) also an ETA i would say around +- 10th of januarry.